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Scissor Lift Aerial Platform, Self Propelled

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Looking for a scissor lift? Check below for the latest from the major manufacturers, including JLG, Skyjack, and Genie.

Scissor lifts, or construction lifts, provide aerial access for workers, their tools, and any materials required for the work. They allow workers to easily access a variety of work areas on a project.

Scissor lift most common uses

Scissor lifts are also known as MEWP (mobile elevating work platform) and AWP (aerial work platform). They are designed with platforms that provide stable working surfaces that extend to various heights. Some extend vertically to raise workers to the task. Platforms have railings to prevent falling, and workers should use fall protection devices securely fastened to the platforms and themselves.

Construction lifts replace ladders and scaffolding when the tasks to be completed are located in individual locations. Scissor lifts are mobile, powered by combustion engines or electricity, so are self-propelled. Some lifts can move with the platform raised, allowing workers at height to have ease of movement to access various tasks.

Some scissors are designed for indoor use only, and others can be used on outdoor terrain. Tire selection is important to these applications.

When the platform is lowered, many of these construction lifts can be easily stored.