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Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes

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Looking for the latest lattice boom crawler cranes? See what's new from all the manufacturers.

Lattice boom crawler cranes are capable of lifting great weights. The lattice structure of the boom provides strength for construction lifting yet is light enough for transport. Booms are also modular for ease of transport. Inserts can be used to extend the length of the boom. The entire structure is put together with pins while lying on the ground.

The crawler base provides stability for the crane when assembled and put to work on a job site. Some lattice boom crawler cranes are small enough to be transported intact.

The crawler tracks allow it to move around a jobsite on various types of soils. Counterweights affix to the back of the crane. These counterweights are also modular, transported separately to the job site. The amount of counterweight mounted on the crane corresponds to the lifting requirements of the lattice boom crawler crane.