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Wirtgen W 220 Fi, W 250 Fi Milling Machines


Cold Planers and Milling Machines

Wirtgen W 250 Fi milling machine

Wirtgen W 220 Fi and W 250 Fi milling machines have a maximum milling depth of 14 inches. The W 220 Fi is equipped with a two-speed Dual Shift powershift transmission, and the W 250 Fi has an Active Dual Power dual engine drive. The W 220 Fi has an 801-horsepower engine, and the W 250 Fi has a 1,010-horsepower engine.

In automatic mode, the Mill Assist standard assistance system provides the optimal balance between performance and operating costs. The operator can also preselect a working strategy from “Cost-optimized,” “Performance-optimized,” or “Milling texture quality.”

Mill Assist also automatically controls the two-speed Dual Shift powershift transmission Together with the diesel engine, the intelligent control of the two-speed powershift transmission extends both the upper and lower range of possible milling drum speeds.  At lower speeds, fuel and pick wear can be significantly reduced. At higher speeds, high milling pattern quality is ensured even in the case of high area performances.

With the Active Dual Power dual engine drive of the W 250 Fi, depending on the project situation and the pre-selected working strategy, Mill Assist then automatically controls just one or both motors. In addition, the engines operate efficiently at optimally adapted speeds.

The Wirtgen Performance Tracker (WPT) calculates the precise surface milling performance, milling volume, and consumption values for the machine. All-important performance and consumption data are displayed on the operator’s platform in real time for the milling machine operator and are also sent to the machine operator by e-mail in an automatically generated report immediately after completion of the milling work.

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