[VIDEO] Workforce Promo Shows Day in the Life


Concrete Pumps

ACPA video follows a concrete pump operator through his day.

The American Concrete Pumping Association has released a video showcasing a day in the life of a concrete pump operator in support of its Workforce Development program.

“Our new Day in the Life video will enhance our recruiting efforts by giving viewers a visual representation of real-world pumping experiences,” executive director Christi Collins said in a statement. “ACPA members will be able to share the video with pump operator candidates to give them an idea of what operating a pump is really like. It will be a great way to attract potential job seekers who are interested in a concrete pumping career but aren’t sure, because they may have no experience with the field.

The 10-minute video, posted below, is available in both English and Spanish language versions. It is aimed at ready mix drivers, laborers, those already in construction who may want to change fields, or those who are aware of concrete pumping and are wondering what that career path might be like.

It follows a pump operator from the time he begins his work day to the time he finishes his work day. The video follows his responsibilities on the job, from clocking in at the start of the day, to getting his paperwork, working with contractors and cleaning out the pump, returning the pump, finishing inspection and clocking out.

Source: ACPA