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Sheepsfoot Rollers or Padfoot Rollers

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Find the latest offerings from manufacturers of sheepsfoot and padfoot vibratory rollers.

Sheepsfoot and padfoot rollers are vibratory compacting machines used mostly for soil and aggregate compaction. The rollers have metal drums with lugs, or feet, attached. As the compactor moves across the area to be compacted, the drums vibrate vertically causing the material to settle for a firm surface, the pressure exerted by the feet is greatest when they are perpendicular to the surface. Feet come in various sizes to be matched to the type of soil and compaction requirements.

Rollers can exert various ground pressure to match the material being compacted as well as the finish surface requirements. Some drums can be filled with water to increase the ground pressures. Key specifications for sheepsfoot or padfoot rollers are: operating weight, drum width and diameter, amplitude, and vibration frequencies.

Sheepsfoot and padfoot vibratory compacting machines are available in single- and double-drum configurations.