Hamm H20i Compactor


Combination Rollers, Smooth Drum & Tires

Hamm H20i Compactor

Launched at Conexpo-Con/Agg, Hamm’s H20i soil compactor marks the first model in the new H Series range of high-performance machines. The “i” stands for “intelligent emission control,” emphasizing the machine’s state-of-the-art sustainable combustion engine that produces very low emissions, the company says.

Weighing in at 43,383 pounds, the H20i is powered by a six-cylinder Deutz diesel rated at 215 horsepower and meets Tier 4-Interim emissions requirements. The engine combustion technology, exhaust gas aftertreatment, and a diesel particulate filter with automatic regeneration significantly reduce emissions. The company claims that it is setting a lead in the industry by offering an emissions-compliant soil compactor that is said to have plenty of power in reserve for compaction, even in tough operating conditions. An intelligent airflow allows operation in outside temperatures up to 122F. The H20i is also said to be economical to run as it can be operated either in normal or ECO mode, to save on fuel consumption.

Along with engine improvements come new maintenance features. All service points and the battery are on one side of the machine. New air filter can be cleaned and quickly replaced. The unit also offers a standard, protected storage compartment under the engine hood for toolboxes, etc.

The machine has a slightly revised 84-inch-wide drum and delivers centrifugal forces of 74,475 pounds. Measurement sensors are fitted so that an operator can monitor compaction and ensure that work is carried out to the required specification. The H20i also comes equipped with a three-point pendulum articulated joint, which yields direction characteristics and directional stability—even in tight corners.

Visibility from the cab is maximized due to a spacious cab with large glass panels, while rearward visibility is improved because of the layout of cooling and emissions equipment. Redesigned side panels and cross members give the machine an increased front and rear angle of slope. A large front angle slope of 43 degrees allows the compactor to maneuver on uneven or steep terrain. In addition, Hamm enlarged the clearance between the cross member and roller drum, which prevents moist material build-up on the roller drum; V-scrapers in front and behind the drum continuously remove accumulated material.

Besides improved visibility, the cab also has an ergonomic layout. The operator can adjust an ergonomic seat, operating console and steering wheel to a comfortable working position. The console features important display and operating elements in one place, with clear symbols and intuitive controls arrangement. A redesigned cabin roof offers increased headroom. Bright, halogen lights fitted on the cab and one main headlight with low/high-beam headlights illuminate the jobsite when the sun goes down.

The machine is available with a smooth roller drum, padfoot segments, or padfoot roller drum. Hammtronic machine-management system comes standard, and an HCQ-GPS navigator is optional. The smaller H18i and larger H25i share many features, weighing in at 40,373 pounds and 54,075 pounds, respectively.