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Concrete Pumps

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Concrete pumps convey fluid concrete. They allow the placement of concrete in areas that are not accessible for standard concrete trucks with chutes. Examples are a vertical building where concrete is needed a few stories high or an area inaccessible by truck.

Boom pumps use a rotating, articulating boom that carries a pipeline to convey concrete. Line pumps can be truck- or trailer-mounted and use flexible tubing to convey concrete. Most use two reciprocating cylinders: one drawing in material from the hopper, the other pushing it into the supply line.

Concrete pumps allow users to place concrete specifically where required as workers can manipulate and move the tubing as the concrete is flowing, reducing the labor of transporting the material.

A concrete truck or trucks transport the material to the site. It loads the concrete into a hopper on the pump truck. A mesh grate prevents large pieces that could plug the tubing, and an auger continues to keep the concrete liquid so it can flow through the tubes.