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Combination Rollers, Smooth Drum & Tires

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Looking for a combination roller? See the latest machines from all equipment manufacturers.

A combination roller compacts asphalt and soil using a drum and pneumatic tires. The steel drum vibrates as with a double-drum vibratory compactor and is mounted on the front to flatten the surface. The pneumatic tires knead the material and are usually mounted on the rear.

A combination roller allows a paving contractor to use one machine instead of acquiring two separate machines: a steel drum roller and a pneumatic tired compactor. Depending on the size of the project (sidewalks to multilane roads), having fewer machines on the jobsite reduces the project cost, operating costs, and the cost of two operators. The two tools have two purposes. The steel roller brings force to the material, flattening it with power. The pneumatic tires knead the surface, which helps to eliminate spaces and voids between the pieces of aggregate that make up an asphalt material.

Various sizes and operating weights are available, and the number of pneumatic tires also varies.