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All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV)

Looking for the latest in all terrain vehicles (ATV)? Check out what's new from all the manufacturers below.

An all terrain vehicle, also known as an ATV, is a four-wheeled on/off-road vehicle used on construction jobsites to move workers and minimal cargo. It is often used as a rover on jobsites where machine control is being used. The machine can move in various terrain, usually riding on pneumatic tires with low-ground pressure.

The operator straddles the machine and steers it with handlebars. Often, there is a seat behind the operator for an additional passenger.

Safety operation of an ATV includes correctly specifying the machine for the operator and tasks of the jobsite, and training the operator on safe usage regarding speed, turning, and terrain.

The ATV does not have a cab, although some offer rollover protection systems (ROPS). ATVs differ from compact utility vehicles, also known as utility terrain vehicles (UTV). These on/off road machines usually have a cab, steering wheel, and greater capacities—both for passengers and cargo.