Xylem Godwin Vac-Prime Dewatering Pumps


Pumps, Water

Godwin Vac-Prime 4-inch and 6-inch dewatering pump models can manage heads of 36 to 82 feet, flows of 13,000 cubic feet per hour, and solids handling up to 2.95 inches.

The fully automatic, self-priming pumps are designed for a range of applications including draining canals, dewatering open excavations, basements, quarries, pumping water containing solids, pumping bentonite, and drilling muds, well as well-pointing. The pump’s cast steel impeller aids shatter-resistance. Godwin mechanical seals run in an oil bath, which dissipates the heat allowing for problem-free dry running with no fear of seals overheating and cracking, the company says.