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XL Specialized Trailers XL 90 Blademate


Trailers, Flat-Bed and Platform

XL Specialized Trailers XL 90 Blademate

The XL 90 Blademate trailer is rated at 90,000 pounds overall. Closed length is 53 feet and fully extended is more than 184 feet. The telescoping mainframe features 6-inch double rollers (with grease zerks) that allow the frame to extend and retract smoothly, says the company. Once extended to 124 feet, the trailer has stops every 18 inches, up to full extension. A 20-foot pullout bumper at the rear also extends on rollers and has stops every 24 inches. A double-lock system secures the selected configuration.

The trailer also features a self-steering system that automatically rotates the axles to keep the trailer aligned with the truck. The kingpin also rotates and prompts the axles to track with it using hydraulic cylinders. An override allows the driver to take full control if required.

 The trailer is designed for deck inserts, which enable an overall length of more than 200 feet, says the manufacturer. Adjustable rolling and non-rolling bunks are positioned on the main deck and can be customized to accommodate specific applications. The 24-inch-long bunks can be moved across 40 feet of the main beam, providing adjustable loading areas based on the size and shape of the load, which typically will be wind-turbine blades. The non-rolling bunks are moved with a forklift, and the rolling bunks slide on rollers. Steel loading platforms at the front and rear of the trailer provide tie-down areas.

 For added safety, says XL Specialized Trailers, a beacon located on the side of the toolbox illuminates when the axles turn out of alignment 3 degrees or more, alerting other vehicles that the trailer is making a turn. This feature, says the company, also allows the driver and pilot car to monitor unplanned axle rotation. Three red/green indicator lights signal the driver and pilot car whether the power unit is on or off, and a large work light (1200 lumens) on the gooseneck illuminates the trailer. 

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