XL 80 Slider Trailer


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XL 80 Slider Trailer

The XL Specialized XL 80 Slider is a two­axle trailer rated at 80,000 pounds overall and 50,000 pounds in 10 ­feet concentrated. The Slider is named for its sliding axle assembly, which allows the unit to tilt for loading and unloading. New Gar­Max filament-wound composite rollers slide smoothly without the need for grease, the company says.

The trailer has an extremely low load angle of 6.5 degrees, and is set­up for hauling inoperable equipment, which requires winches and rollers for loading. It also has a heavy­duty, 20,000­pound hydraulic winch with manual kick out, and 100 feet of 9/16­inch cable. A two­function wireless remote operates the winch, and a recessed roller at the top of the gooseneck rolls in conjunction with the winch to pull the cable.

The four­beam trailer has 4­inch junior I­beams and 3­inch I­beams on 8­inch centers.