VMAC Releases Compressed Air Industry Report


Chart shows service vehicle ages.

Service vehicles aged 0 to 9 years make up 74 percent of fleets according to research conducted by VMAC. This and other data are included in the company's 2020 State Of The Mobile Compressed Air Industry Report.

The report compiles original research from business owners, service truck operators, mechanics, and fleet managers about the state of the mobile compressed air industry.

“We’re pleased to release this report to members of the industry, providing them with a benchmark for comparing themselves and their business to their industry peers,” says Mike Pettigrew, VMAC’s marketing manager. “By highlighting and analyzing industry trends, the report will help business owners and managers plan for the future.”

VMAC published this report after surveying over 200 industry professionals on topics related to service vehicles, general equipment, and air compressors. A variety of key industries are represented in the report, including construction, equipment repair, mining, oil and gas, and agriculture.

“VMAC’s 2020 State Of The Mobile Compressed Air Industry Report identifies trends associated with service vehicle lifecycles, truck class sizes, commercial van popularity, cfm and psi requirements on service vehicles, and more” explains Anne Fortin, digital marketing specialist. “By making our data readily available, we hope to provide another resource for members of the industry to use when conducting industry analysis, and empower them to make even more educated decisions that will benefit their business.”

VMAC’s State Of The Mobile Compressed Air Industry survey took place between October 2019 and January 2020. As such, this data does not reflect any changes the Covid-19 pandemic may have caused within the industry. However, this allows VMAC to compare this pre-Covid-19 data against the data that will be collected when the survey is conducted again in 2021.

The report can be downloaded for free at www.vmacair.com/survey.

Source: VMAC