[VIDEO] A Look Inside Seattle's 520 Bridge Project


Seattle skyline.

A report in My Northwest provided an exclusive look at Seattle's 520 bridge project from the construction platform.

Workers are currently getting ready to move the westbound exits to Montlake and Lake Washington Boulevard onto the new lid, according to the report. They will then begin demolishing the ramp that connected that exit to Lake Washington Boulevard, and start taking down the old Montlake Boulevard overpass. 

In the video below, viewers can see a wooden trestle serving as the work platform adjacent to where the bridge is being built. There are also concrete columns rising up out of the water, surrounded by lily pads and milfoil. 

According to the article, this design cuts down on noise pollution and environmental damage. Workers can move back and forth along the work trestle, carrying just about anything. 

It will take until 2024 before this new eastbound bridge connecting Montlake and the floating bridge opens to the public. The new bridge and a complete 3-acre Montlake lid over 520 will open about the same time in 2024.