Vermeer WC2500TX Wood Chipper


Wood Chippers

The WC2500TX tracked wood chipper has a 600-horsepower Tier 4-F engine that enables it to handle whole trees. It comes with either a microchip drum, which produces chip sizes between 1/8 and 5/8 inch, or a macrochip drum, which produces chips between 5/8 and 1 1/4 inches.

High-wear areas—such as the drum, discharge chute, cutter housing, and infeed conveyor floor—are designed with replaceable, bolt-in wear parts to help extend the life of the machine.

The 20-inch high-mount tracked undercarriage allows operators to move the machine without the need for additional support equipment. The D4 undercarriage is designed with high-mounting structures for nearly 29 inches of belly clearance and rising chain rollers for material cleanout. The tracks can be single or double grouser.

A remote control provides certain real-time machine performance data to aid the operator in maximizing productivity through monitoring and adjusting the chipper’s settings. The operator can engage and disengage the clutch as well as control the trip meter, EcoIdleTM engine control system, the chute, tracks and work light functions from the remote.

With SmartCrush technology, the machine can automatically increase down pressure when difficult material enters the cutting drum and adjusts variable-speed dual-infeed conveyor chains. This allows operators to concentrate on loading the machine, and not pushing the materials through.

EcoIdle engine control system function automatically lowers engine speed to 1,400 rpm if no material has been chipped for 30 seconds. Engine speed automatically increases if the feed roller climbs onto new material or the engine detects a change in loading.