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Vacall AllClean Recycling System


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Vacall AllClean Recycling System

The AllClean water recycling system is available for the AllJetVac combination sewer cleaners. The system uses a series of filters, screens and centrifugal motions to remove matter from water collected in the debris tank. The treated water is returned to the water tanks.

The system allows the truck to continue to operate without refilling water tanks, the company says. The system is self-cleaning, requires no back flushing nor filter changes.

The multi-stage recycling process starts with an initial sediment separation followed by a floating V-Filtration screening process further separating water from debris. The V-Filtration also has a back-flush self-cleaning capability.

Centrifugal high speed action then removes remaining solids down to 100 microns. These are returned to the debris tank via a pressure-regulating valve system. The company says up 65 percent of the water from a sewer line is recovered and returned to the water tanks for re-use.

A segregated 240-gallon capacity clean water wash down feature is also a part of the system.

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