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Trimble Tap & Go Technology for FieldMaster Logs


Construction Technology & Software

FieldMaster Logs have been enhanced with Tap & Go technology.

FieldMaster Logs have been enhanced with Tap & Go technology.

Because the driver login procedure for many ELDs on the market is time consuming and error prone, Trimble says, it developed Tap & Go technology to allow drivers to log in to their in-cab tablet with just a tap of a keychain, sticker, or ID card, making it easy and quick to start their ELD workflow without usernames and passwords. The technology is based on Near Field Communication (NFC) and comes in the form of a compatible card or sticker that can be purchased from a wide variety of approved sources. There are a wide range of options for drivers, including existing NFC employee ID cards, keychains, badge cards, or dime-sized stickers, which can be attached to a wallet or driver’s license. There is no system set-up required to enable Tap & Go. Drivers can initialize the technology themselves and start using it immediately.

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