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Training Moves Technology Forward


Construction Telematics

“Case has technology specialists in the field working with dealers one-on-one about how they might incorporate telematics into their business plan,” says Brad Stemper, solutions marketing manager at Case, “and as we go forward, we find that dealers are increasingly engaging the technology in a variety of ways, whether in their service, parts or sales organizations.

“On the end-user side of the technology, dealers introduce every customer to basic telematics—how to log on, how the system works, and available reports—perhaps first introducing the idling report, which is one of the simplest ways to relate the technology to job profitability. We’ve also found that the Case ProCare program [which includes planned maintenance] has helped moved the technology forward, in the sense that customers are using the system to schedule maintenance more efficiently.

“But it’s an ongoing educational process. Case is developing training, both online and instructor-led, that will assist dealers and customers to delve more deeply into the technology.”

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