Trackunit and ZTR Combine Resources


Trackunit and ZTR.

Trackunit and the Industrial IoT division of ZTR are combining their resources to "accelerate innovation and drive digital transformation," according to a press release.

After the transaction closes, the combined entity of Trackunit and ZTR will specialize in creating offerings that enhance utilization, increase fleet availability, improve safety, and reduce equipment loss as major value drivers. In addition, both companies will help customers in collecting data and translating it into actionable insights. The team also aims to assist in improving daily operations for customers with increased operator safety, machine health, and business optimizations.

“Our promise to the industry is based on collaboration. With a purpose as determined and noble as eliminating downtime, we know that working with our customers to apply new digital tools, is absolutely necessary. We make ourselves useful and strive to solve real problems, building everything for scale, while showing compassion for our customers, partners, competitors, and the industry at large”, says Soeren Brogaard, CEO of Trackunit.