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Terramac RT9 Tracked Carrier


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Terramac RT9 Tracked Carrier

Terramac RT9 can carry 18,000 pounds and is available exclusively through Rig Source. Powered by a 230-horsepower Cummins diesel, ground pressure when fully loaded is 4.9 psi. Overal length is 17 feet 7 inches, and width is 8 feet 5 inches. The unit is 9 feet 3 inches high with a 20-inch minimum ground clearance. It can travel between 4.7 and 7 mph, and it has a 10-foot turning radius. The unit comes in open- and closed-cab versions. It can be used to mount cranes, drills, water tanks and other equipment. Cylinder mounts, and front and rear attachment plates are bolt-on for ease of replacement.

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