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Terex Cranes CTL 1600 Tower Crane


Tower Cranes

Terex Cranes CTL 1600 Tower Crane

The Terex CTL 1600 luffing jib tower crane has two-and-a-half times the load moment and an approximately 32-foot-longer jib than the previous largest Terex luffing jib tower crane.

Topping the existing Terex tower crane portfolio of eight CTL luffing jib models, the company says the extra-large CTL 1600 crane integrates extensive feedback from customers to combine lifting power with easy assembly, operator comfort, and job site safety.

Offering a maximum lifting capacity of 72 tons, a maximum load moment of 1,600 metric tons, and equipped with an extra-long 246-foot jib, the crane offers high lifting capacities and reach as well as ease of transport. It has a maximum freestanding height of 291 feet on a concrete base and 288 feet on a chassis.

The CTL 1600 tower crane uses HD 33 tower segments, which come equipped with pre-assembled tower platforms, aluminum ladders, multiple lifting points, and the new “Engage System.” This new system includes all the required components for tower crane assembly already positioned and ready to be connected.

Terex says the combination of the HD 33 tower system and a broad variety of internal and external climbing options provides the CTL 1600 tower crane with increased job site versatility.

Besides being the largest and heaviest lifting model in the luffing jib tower crane line, the CTL 1600 has several innovative features focused on increased performance, easier crane assembly and safety. 

Standard safety features include jib walkways and handrails to provide a safe working environment for technicians during set-up and maintenance when working at height.

As with all the company’s luffing jib tower cranes, all hoisting and luffing winch drums are linked to their own separate emergency braking system, which at the press of a button stops operation rapidly, yet gradually enough to avoid blocking.

An optional anti-collision system helps the operator to plan and execute lifts while avoiding collisions with other cranes or buildings. Two cameras and a display screen increase visibility and enable the operator to zoom in and out as required.

A folding platform and folding A-frame can be carried in one piece on a single standard truck to reduce transportation costs. An automatic slewing ring lubrication feature reduces time spent on maintenance. Additionally, a third hoist on the counter jib can be used as a service derrick for assembly. The tower crane also comes equipped with one or two pull lines.

Built with feedback from users, the Terex Cranes EVO 15 operator cab features five large windows for visibility.  For ventilation, its front window and back door open. Sliding sunscreen blinds are available for side, front and upper windows. Two large windshield wipers help keep a clear view at all times.

An all stainless-steel electronics panel is located in the cabin platform providing protection from different weather conditions. An adjustable ergonomic operator seat provides the comfort while an ergonomic joystick control helps maneuver loads. A full color, anti-glare, multilanguage display screen provides data feedback including load, wind speed, height, alarm history, and on-line trouble shooting.

The CTL 1600 tower crane will be produced at the Terex facility in Fontanafredda, Italy.

CTL 1600 Specifications

  • Maximum lift capacity: 72 tons
  • Maximum load moment: 1,600 Mtons
  • Maximum freestanding height, on concrete base: 291 feet
  • Jib length: 246 feet
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