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You read your trade magazines religiously. You search the Internet every day to gather information from the links you read. What if you could use a magazine to link you directly to the Internet right when you are reading about the subject—no extra equipment, no fuss, no time at all?

Now's your chance! Construction Equipment magazine is offering our loyal subscribers, such as yourself, the opportunity to receive and read each and every issue right on your computer. There is no need to download any software, simply click on the issue link when it becomes available to begin reading. The digital version of Construction Equipment is the exact replica of the print version but with several electronic features.

  • E-mail notification as soon as your issues are available.
  • No postal delays
  • Hot links from editorial content and advertisements right to the information you need.
  • Features that allow you to do advanced searches, as well a zoom in for a closer look and print out a hard copy.
  • Share articles with colleagues quickly and easily
  • Download to PDF and store archived issues right on your PC

Imagine reading about a product that fits your latest design, clicking on the link, and downloading the information in seconds. Imagine having the great editorial content of Construction Equipment magazine at your computer forever. Imagine the familiarity of your favorite industry magazine with the ease of electronic use.

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