Stellar Industries Flip Sheave


Boom Truck

Flip Sheave answers the need for a heavy-duty mechanics truck crane boom head that functions in tight or confined spaces, Stellar says. By pulling a pin on the flip sheave, an operator can switch from the standard-load horse-head configuration used for higher load angles to a low-profile horse-head arrangement designed for lifting into limited-space areas such as inside a cab or under a hood. The Flip Sheave’s bar style anti-two-block activation system maintains its load block activation orientation in either standard or tight/confined-mode. Stellar says the new design creates an easy transformation from a two-part line to a single-part line and the low profile creates more room to lift and position the load in restricted areas. Stellar says the Flip Sheave is a standard feature on the company’s model 7621 cranes to model 14528 cranes.