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Steco Hauf Dump Trailer



Steco end dump trailer The HaufSteco bought the forms and equipment from the previous builder to produce The Hauf, a popular end-dump trailer design that features formed side posts that extend down one side of the trailer under the bed and up the opposite side. The Hauf is built with the same continuous weld of the U-formed side posts as the original, the same smooth bed, and the same top-hinged tailgate with remote air-controlled latch. But Steco updated it with 16.5- x 7-inch running gear, System 2S/M air brakes with auto slacks and ABS, 5-inch-round axles with 5/8-inch wall providing 25,000-pound capacity on a 71 ½-inch track, a 60,000-pound-capacity single-point straddle-mount suspension and sealed lighting system.