Software Supports Single Truck Scales and Complex Systems


Software, Equipment Management

Avery Weight-Tronix LLC's Measurement Intelligence (MI) Payload is a comprehensive set of software applications designed to provide weight-derived data for distribution, transportation and supply chain management processes.

The software utilizes Microsoft's SQL 2005 database, networking and programming tools and is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and Vista operating systems. Plus, MI Payload can be scaled for installation on a single PC and linked to a single truck scale for small business use, or it may be interfaced with multiple scales and integrated within complex IT network systems.

The system uses key data inputs to identify, weigh, bill and receive data form weighbridge transactions. For each step of the process, the software can be configured to require minimal user input, allowing simple system monitoring and control without the need of a scale attendant.

The software also supports advanced requirements with extensive preference options, enabling users to set precise parameters for complex operations, including management of vehicle and trailer tares and expiration, as well as control of invoice generation and customer payment processing.

Comprised of Visual Studio 2005 tools to develop components written in VC.NET and C#, it operates in tandem with Microsoft's SQL 2005 Server products. In addition, MI Payload supports future upgrades, adding flexibility and longevity to the durable data-gathering solution.

A solution for applications in which the reliable weighing of transported commodities and precuts is crucial to their success, examples include:

  • Vehicle Marshalling
  • Vehicle Dispatch
  • Unmanned Weighing
  • Accounts Receivable Interactions
  • Financial Network Integration
Payment Methods

In addition, several features of MI Payload make it particularly easy to set up and use:
  • Uses key data inputs to identify, weight, bill and receive data from weighbridge transactions
  • Utilizes Microsoft's SQL 2005 database
  • Features Microsoft Windows XP and Vista operating systems compatibility
  • Provides configuration options for use with a single PC or as a part of complex IT systems
  • Offers simple, intuitive interface and straightforward, familiar page design
  • Supports future upgrade