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Case backhoe-loader



To mark the 50th anniversary of the introduction of Case's 320, the first factory-integrated tractor-loader-backhoe, this exhibit will present a custom model displaying a frosted-window treatment of the original machine in one window and a futuristic design in the other. Customers who purchase a new backhoe-loader in 2007 can choose a special edition featuring commemorative decals. Today's M Series 2 line includes units ranging from 76 to 98 horsepower, and they feature the Pro Control System. See Booth C6269  





Bobcat ZTS 425 compact excavator



Expanded zero-tail-swing excavator line includes the ZTS 425 compact machine in the 2- to 3-metric-ton size class, offering a digging depth of 8 feet 4 inches and reach of 14 feet 10 inches at ground level. A long-arm option delivers a digging depth of 9 feet 4 inches, reach of 15 feet 9 inches, and features an additional counterweight that extends 3 inches beyond the tracks. Both units are powered by a 26-hp liquid-cooled diesel engine and feature two-speed travel motors. See Booth C5483  




American EagleAmerican Eagle

This exhibit will showcase various configurations of heavy-duty, truck-mounted drawer sets, as well as truck-mounted hydraulically driven air compressors. The drawer sets carry a lifetime warranty on the drawer slides, which can withstand up to 300 pounds. The air compressors are available in capacities ranging from 12 to 185 cubic feet per minute and pressures from 90 to 175 pounds per square inch. See Booth S13624  

Allmand Night-Lite PRO portable light towerAllmand

Night-Lite PRO portable light towers feature the company's durable SHO lighting system consisting of parallel lamp fixtures. Galvanized steel tower provides corrosion protection and features a "self-healing" coating that expands when the surface is scratched to protect the damaged area against corrosion. The mast is center-mounted between two retractable rear outriggers and tongue jack for operational stability in winds up to 65 mph. The molded 30-gallon seamless polyethylene fuel tank provides up to 60 hours of continuous operation. See Booth O31542

Atlas Copco SBC 410 hydraulic breaker attachmentAtlas Copco

Designed for skid-steers, backhoes and excavators in the 4,400- to 12,100-pound weight class, the SBC 410 hydraulic breaker attachment features a solid one-piece body that eliminates the need for side bolts and provides added strength. The breaker weighs 453 pounds, accepts a maximum hydraulic flow of 17.2 gallons per minute at a working pressure of 2,175 pounds per square inch, and delivers an impact rate of up to 1,200 blows per minute. The high power-to-weight ratio permits use on a smaller carrier. See Booth C4025  

Bomag BP10/36-2 single-direction plate compactorBomag

Designed for confined spaces and light-duty projects, the BP10/36-2 single-direction plate compactor delivers 2,250 pounds of centrifugal force, a frequency of 5,400 vibrations per minute, and a working speed of 82 feet per minute. The plate compactor is powered by a 4-hp Honda GX120 gasoline engine. The 150-pound compactor features a frame-integrated lifting point, a cast-iron base plate with reinforced sides, and a high lip at the edge of the base plate. See Booth N2015  

Caterpillar 414E industrial loader tractorCaterpillar

The new 414E industrial loader tractor features a box section mainframe with integrated Category 2 three-point tool carrier. The operator station incorporates a spacious platform, seat-mounted joystick controls, and a suspension seat with 20-degree rotation to facilitate use of rear-mounted work tools. Bucket capacity is 1 cubic yard. The power train features a Cat 3054C naturally aspirated diesel engine producing 74 net horsepower as standard equipment. An optional turbocharged configuration produces 89 net horsepower. All-wheel-drive is standard. See Booth C6069  

CEAttachments EDGE Material Unroller attachmentCEAttachments

The new EDGE Material Unroller offers optional stems to accommodate rolls of erosion-control material from 4 to 12 feet. The stem design of this attachment enables a skid-steer operator to remove a roll of erosion-control material from the truck, a task that otherwise requires several workers. The 180-degree swing feature allows the skid-steer to unroll material on one side of the machine, swing the material to the other side, and begin rolling right away. See Booth C6498  

Gehl Model 7810E skid-steer loaderGehl

Model 7810E skid-steer loader offers a load capacity of 3,850 pounds, a lift height of nearly 12 feet, bucket breakout force of 8,340 pounds, and the power of a Cummins 99-hp turbocharged diesel engine. True-vertical-lift linkage provides consistent forward reach throughout the lift cycle. The machine is suitable for applications ranging from breaking, hauling and grinding concrete to digging, moving materials and loading trucks. A two-speed drive is available that delivers ground speeds up to 12.5 miles per hour. See Booth C6689  

John Deere compact track loaderJohn Deere

Two compact track loaders feature reinforced booms, two-speed transmission, hydraulic quick-attach system, self-leveling bucket, high-flow hydraulics, and a true-vertical-lift boom said to improve stability in the work zone (ground level to 6 feet). At an operating weight of 8,305 pounds, the CT 322 delivers a boom breakout force of 3,410 pounds. The CT 332 features a 10,825-pound operating weight, boom breakout force of 6,650 pounds, servo controls, and an ergonomically shaped armrest. See Booth C6469  

GOMACO Commander III slipform paverGOMACO

The three-track and four-track Commander III is capable of slipforming such applications as median barrier, variable barrier and bridge parapet wall. Designed for stability over grade variations, the machine hydraulically elevates to slipform barrier or parapet. The paver features a G21 digital operating system with electronic-over-hydraulic circuits for easy, accurate adjustments and fast, controlled response. "Smart" cylinders allow push-button steering setup. Minimum-clearance requirements are easily achieved with side-mounted or center-mounted mold, according to the manufacturer. See Booth C5168  

JLG Lull 1044C Series II telehandlerJLG

Lull 1044C Series II telehandler features 80 inches of horizontal boom travel for accurate load placement at full height, 10,000-pound lift capacity, 54-foot lift height capability, and 3,000-pound capacity with the outriggers deployed. The steel frame design incorporates a twin-rail box construction for stronger structure and increased load capacity. Proportional joystick controls provide precise load placement and faster cycle times. See Booth C6731  

General Equipment SG12/E single-head surface grinderGeneral Equipment

Designed for small-scale surface preparation projects, the SG12/E single-head surface grinder is powered by a fully enclosed, fan-cooled 1.5-hp electric motor. It features a single rotating disc with a 12-inch working width and top rotation speed of 250 rpm. The SG12 can be used with grinding stones, scarifiers, wire brushes, and the manufacturer's coatings removal and diamond segment grinding systems. Applications include grinding concrete surfaces, removing adhesives and epoxies, and breaking up deposits of grease and dirt. See Booth S11213  

Ingersoll Rand PowerSource mobile generatorIngersoll Rand

Six new models in the PowerSource mobile generator line extend the range from 10 kVA to 560 kVA. The generators feature SaferSwitch system that facilitates changing the voltage settings while providing protection against voltage changeover during operation. An environmental-containment system provides double-wall protection, minimum 110 percent containment of fluids, and an operator alert. Trailer system with heavy-duty torsion axles provides jobsite mobility and highway towing stability. See Booths C6286 and O30437  

MBW reversible vibratory plate compactorMBW

The GPR77, a 400-pound reversible vibratory plate, produces 7,775 pounds of centrifugal force at 4,725 vibrations per minute. The low-maintenance mechanical shifting design is said to reduce acquisition cost and provide a geotechnical benefit in its ability to shift travel direction at constant speed, which helps achieve uniform density and stiffness over the area being compacted. The GPR77 produces an amplitude of .064 inches, travels up to 85 feetper minute, and handles all types of granular soils. See Booth C4347  

Komatsu backhoe-loaderKomatsu

WB146-5 and WB146PS-5 backhoe-loaders offer a 16,090-pound operating weight and 1.25-cubic-yard loader bucket. The 88-hp engine in the WB146-5 drives the HydrauMind hydraulic system and includes a 4-speed synchro-shuttle transmission with standard four-wheel drive. The WB146PS-5 includes a PowerShift transmission with twist grip gear control. Other features include a heavy-duty single-piece welded mainframe, S-shaped backhoe boom, parallel lift linkage, and a cast-iron nose guard that protects the machine and acts as an integral counterweight. See Booth C6486  

Multiquip MVC-80 vibratory plate compactorMultiquip

The MVC-80 vibratory plate compactors incorporate an anti-vibration handle system (AVS) said to reduce vibration by 50 percent compared with earlier models, reducing operator fatigue while boosting productivity. Providing centrifugal force of 2,925 pounds, the compactors are suited for compacting granular soils and asphalt. At maximum speed, the units can compact up to 72 feet of material per minute. The economically priced compactors are offered with 5.7-hp Robin and 5.5-hp Honda gasoline engines, and have exciter speeds of 5,580 revolutions per minute. See Booth C4813  

Mack mixer truckMack Trucks

On display will be heavy-duty trucks featuring the MP engine series offered in two versions: axle-forward and axle-back. The company also introduces the Road Stability Advantage (RSA) electronic stability system, available for mixer applications on the Granite truck model. Designed to reduce incident potential and enhance profitability, the RSA uses the existing ABS wheel speed sensors, along with steering, yaw and lateral acceleration inputs, to deactivate the throttle and selectively apply the brakes when necessary to reduce rollover potential. See Booth C5469  

Robin America Silent Series generatorRobin America

On display is the Silent Series generator line, including the new Subaru Robin RG4300iS, claimed to be the first 4,300-watt inverter generator. The inverter technology reduces sound by running the engine at a slower speed for low power use and increasing speed as more power is required. A microcomputer controls the voltage and frequency of the power output, monitors the temperature of the electronics, and automatically cuts off the power output if necessary to prevent overloading and electrical shorts. See Booth C7489  

New Holland L175 skid-steer loaderNew Holland

The L175 skid-steer loader offers a 2,000-pound operating capacity, 4,300-pound bucket breakout force, 6,230-pound operating weight, 10-foot lift height, and 29 inches of forward reach. Other features include the patented Super Boom vertical-lift linkage and a 60-hp turbocharged engine. Also on display is the C175 compact track loader with a 2,200-pound operating capacity, 7,535-pound operating weight, 10-foot lift height, and 30 inches of forward reach. At 71.1 inches wide over the tracks and 129.5 inches long, the machine is designed for hard-to-reach areas. See Booth C5869  

Trimble Spectra Precision Laser LG20 crossbeam generatorTrimble

Featured products include self-leveling Spectra Precision Laser LG20 crossbeam generator, a horizontal and vertical hand tool for line, level and vertical plumb applications; HR250 laser receiver for use with the LG20; HD50 laser handheld distance meter for measuring remote places; and LM80 layout manager used with the 5605 robotic construction total station, which enables contractors to enter blueprint dimensions to build a portable digital replica of projects to assist with equipment setup and building layout. See Booth C4847  

Mustang Model 842 telehandlerMustang

New to the Value-Series line, Model 842 telescopic handler offers four-story reach at an economical price. The 8,000-pound unit shares a boom design with the company's larger telehandlers. A spring-applied, hydraulically released parking brake is automatically applied when the engine is shut off or the boomis raised over 60 degrees. Optional Work Platform System(WPS) automatically applies safeguards to provide for a stable personnel work platform attached to the forks. See Booth C5283  

Stanley MB15EXS breaker attachmentStanley

Designed for backhoe-loaders and mini-excavators in the 14,000- to 26,000-pound range, the 1,500-ft.-lb. class MB15EXS mounted breaker attachment from Stanley features an enclosed housing to eliminate damaging shocks to the carrier. A narrow profile enhances visibility and positions the operator closer to the edge of the work, says Stanley. The breaker attachment weighs 1,100 pounds. See Booth O30309  


A new modular mast and accessory system enables mounting all of the manufacturer's placing boom sizes on the same octagonal mast sections. The sections can be assembled to free-stand 32-meter booms 65 feet, and 39-meter booms 45 feet. The 6-meter-long mast sections can be bolted together. The modular system allows rapid changes in the field if a switch in length or type of mounting is required. The same octagonal mast works in free-standing, self-climbing, and non-climbing slab-supported applications. See Booth C5144  

Takeuchi TL140 compact-track-loaderTakeuchi

The 81-hp TL140 compact-track-loader features rubber tracks that enable operation on improved surfaces. High sprocket planetary drive system provides efficient speed reduction and torque amplification, and eliminates drive chains, chain cases, axles and hubs. Track undercarriage provides flotation for working in muddy or loose ground conditions and delivers traction for excavating tough materials. A pilot-operated joystick controls loader and travel functions. See Booth C5194  

Power Curbers 5700-C curb-and-gutter slipform paverPower Curbers

A new entry in the 5700 Series of curb-and-gutter slipform machines can pour from either the right or left side. Using a standard swivel chute, the 5700-C pours in a single traffic lane with the concrete truck lined up in front of the machine. Enhancements include 132-gallon water capacity and 66-gallon fuel capacity. The narrow machine is suited for tight spots in parking lots. The streamlined design has fewer catch points for concrete, which simplifies cleaning. Other features include an electronic control system and a raised operator's platform for improved visibility. See Booth C5627  





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