Sakai SV204, SV414TF, SV544FB Vibratory Rollers


Single Smooth Drum Vibratory Rollers

The SV204, SV414TF, and SV544FB single-drum compactors have T4-F engines and are available with either smooth (D) or padfoot (T) drum.

The SV204 54-inch roller has maximum weight configurations ranges from 10,220  to 11,980 pounds; load on front axle from 4,795 to 6,560 pounds; with load on rear axle generally 5,425 pounds. Vibratory frequency of 1,800 vpm with amplitude of  0.039, 0.060, or 0.065 inches depends on configuration.

The SV414TF soil roller’s basic maximum operating weight with pad-foot drum and shell kit is 18,464 pounds with a front axle load of 10,450 pounds and rear axle load of 7,893.  With 67-inch-wide drum, it offers two frequency options: a low frequency of 1,800 vpm and high frequency of 2,280 vpm, with two amplitude options, low amplitude of 0.020 inch and high amplitude of 0.039 inch.

The SV544FB is an 84-inch dirt roller with maximum operating weight of 31,530 pounds with  front axle load of 20,020 pounds and rear axle load of 11,310 pounds. Several frequency and amplitude combinations are possible, ranging from low frequency 1,700 vpm to a high frequency setting of 2,000 vpm, with a low amplitude of 0.021 inch or a high amplitude of 0.049 inch.