Sakai SA33L2 Series Trench Roller


Trench Rollers

Sakai SA33L2 Series Trench Roller

The SA33L2 Series trench roller features 24.6 horsepower and comes standard with an infrared remote control system for ease of use.

Also standard on the SA33L2 are dual-conversion drums, which drop from 33-inch drums to 24-inch drums, matching the trench roller to standard-sized buckets. The design incorporated to the convertible drums allows for easy mounting/dismounting of the extensions, allowing operators to switch from one size to the other in under an hour, Sakai says. The engine compartment’s metal cover prevents damage to the machine’s vital parts, while the self-adjusting hood provides convenient service access.

The SA33L2 also features molded polyurethane battery shock mounting with cast dynamic shock absorbers for added stability.