Paving Equipment & Materials Production

Sakai SV510-III Single-Drum Soil CompactorFeaturing a new traction control system that can effectively put these 84-inch-wide single-drum soil compactors to work on slopes up to 62 percent, new Sakai SV510-III Series rollers feature patented shock isolation systems that are completely independent of the drum drive system. Located between the chassis frame and the drum drive motor, the shock isolators reduce the transmission of vibration back to critical machine components and the operator. Four model variations are available: the smooth-drum SV510D-III for rock and granular materials; the padfoot-drum SV510T-III for cohesive materials, silts and clays; a padfoot-drum TB version with a strike-off blade; and a TF version featuring a padfoot drum encased within a bolt-on smooth drum shell that can be removed when working on cohesive soils. The latter’s design keeps the diameter of the padfoot at optimum size when the smooth shell is removed.