Sakai 354 Series Rollers Ready for Tier 4-Final


Combination Rollers, Smooth Drum & Tires

Sakai 354 Series Rollers Ready for Tier 4-Final

The tandem-drum SW354 and combination-type TW354 vibratory rollers use 24-horsepower Kubota engines to meet Tier 4-Final requirements, and do not require DPFs or regenerations. The ECO mode reduces fuel consumption by up to 35 percent, the company says.

Dynamic linear pressure of the rollers’ 47-inch-wide, 27-inch-diameter drums is rated at 205 pounds per inch. Centrifugal force is 6,530 pounds, amplitude is 0.012 inch, and vibratory frequency is 4,000 vpm.

The rollers have a sprinkler system with anti-clog package, triple-protection filtration, and a plastic water tank with optimum drain characteristics for winterization. Oil bath lubrication provides low-maintenance drum vibrator protection.