Rogers Brothers CobraNeck Detachable Gooseneck


Trailers, Flat-Bed and Platform

Rogers Brothers’ 55-ton, platform deck trailer features its new CobraNeck detachable gooseneck design which adjusts for various ground clearance.

The gooseneck is adaptable to multiple tractor fifth wheel heights. Unlike many 55-ton capacity trailers, which require the load to be spread evenly across the full length of the deck, this trailer can handle a load concentrated in any 13 feet of the 25-foot-long platform deck, Rogers says. The adjustable deck height is standard at 18 inches fully loaded. A full-depth “Bucket Pocket” at the rear center of the deck and “Boom Trough” in the rear frame provide additional space to couch excavator booms/buckets to minimize loaded machine height for increased overhead clearance.