ROC D9RRC - Designed For Operator Safety In The Toughest Terrain


Underground Construction

The Radio Remote Controlled (RRC) drill rigs from Atlas Copco offer three main attributes for success: great operator safety, exceptional maneuverability and high productivity.

By using RRC, the operator maneuvers the drill rig at a safe distance and has the best possible view of the operation. All functions such as tramming, drilling, and rod handling are controlled from the RRC. The controls provide smooth, precise movements – important when positioning a drill rig – from a position with a clear view.

Operators using the ROC D9RRC can easily have access to sites which they usually wouldn’t try to reach. By combining the Radio Remote Control with a rig that has a low center of gravity and hydraulic support leg, exceptional stability and safety are increased. Ground clearance is just 17½ inches (455 mm) to provide a low center of gravity with tough-terrain clearance.

Atlas Copco’s unique folding boom provides exceptional reach. The boom is centrally located with a low mounting point, for optimum stability and maximum coverage. The versatile boom head enables the drill feed to be set up in many different positions. Whether reaching to drill for rock bolts to secure unstable rock walls or horizontal drilling, the ROC D9RRC is built to go and drill anywhere.

The ROC D9RRC provides accurate drilling capability in all kinds of rock. The 21 kW - 28 HP, COP2165 rock drill offers increased drilling power while the 280 cfm, C106 compressors gives the ROC D9RRC efficient hole cleaning power.

The ROC D9RRC is equipped with the Atlas Copco patented Automatic Drill Stop. This function automatically stops the drilling and loosens the rod threads at a preset depth. The overall quality of drilling is increased, and the time required to retract the rods and move to the next setup is reduced.