Roadtec SX 7 soil stabilizerThe 700-horsepower SX-7 soil stabilizer will cut to 21 inches deep, which Roadtec says is “the deepest in the industry by far.” With its right-hand flush cut, the machine pulverizes or stabilizes all the way to the curb line. The cut is 8 feet 5 inches wide. Weight distribution of the SX-7 design across all four tires is equal for improved maneuverability. The entire machine is steered with one steering wheel. Operators can choose from coordinated steer, crab steer, front wheels only, rear wheels only or ZTR (zero turn radius). Out of the cut, the machine can make a zero-radius turn. Three-piece wheels grip the deep-tread 26.5 x 25 tires to prevent rim slippage and tire failure.