Putzmeister Telebelt 110 Gets Into Small Places


Paving Equipment & Materials Production

In the construction business most contractors have a bottom line and that is to save as much time and labor as possible. So, when time is short and spaces are small, you might want to give L. Guerini Group, Inc. a call.

Guerini is the proud owner of the Putzmeister Telebelt TB 110 conveyor. Outfitted with elephant trunk with a discharge end that places back-fill easily into tight quarters, this mobile, high-capacity conveyor system can easily change from one material to another while processing gravel, crushed stone, concrete, flowable fill, mulch, loam, and more.

At the Collicott School in Milton, Mass., the 
Telebelt extends through a window.

Used with a radio remote control that positions the unit on-site, the feed is lowered to the desired position and the main boom is located over the work area. The unit is used with a variety of hoppers — small for concrete or flowable redi-mix; the bobcat hopper for sandstone, loam and mulch; the low profile hopper for course aggregate; and the front-end hopper for large jobs.

The machine is so efficient that job times can be cut in half.

Luigi Guerini founded this business in 1917 as a construction trucking company. In the late '40s, Luigi introduced the first hydraulic backhoe to the Boston area, thus expanding the business to include excavating. In 1965, the second generation, Andrew and Richard Guerini, were ready to expand the business by acquiring mobile hydraulic cranes. In 1969, the brothers ventured into an industry still in its infancy by purchasing their first concrete pump. With the partners' persistence and personal service, the business grew.

And the rest is history as today, the third generation — Andy Guerini Jr., Lou Guerini, Joe Guerini, and Bob Magliozzi — carries on the family trait of keeping pace with the newest trends in construction equipment technology. The latest introduction of the Putzmeister Telebelt Line to New England has continued their position as industry innovators.

At Right: A close-up view of the Telebelt extending into
the Collicott School gymnasium area.

Bob Magliozzi talks about two projects that have involved the telebelt this past year.

"One project completed last April involved our Telebelt moving material into a construction site for a Cheesecake Factory store at the South Shore Plaza in Braintree, Mass.," Magliozzi said. "We worked for James Flett Co. and cut days off of their very tight schedule by quickly and efficiently placing the material to grade over a maze of electrical and plumbing fixtures. We did one and a half weeks worth of work in two days. The conveyor was able to get right in there and get the job done."

Magliozzi said that in July the Telebelt was moved to a project at the Collicott School in Milton, Mass.

"The contractor and his site work sub-faced the problem of getting gravel fill into the gymnasium area of the new elementary school," Magliozzi said. "The only access was a 3-foot pass door, and this would have been a time-consuming process on a project that had to be completed by the start of the school year at the end of August. The Telebelt was able to convey the material, which in this case was gravel, through a window opening and into the desired area. The contractor saved several days as all the required material was placed in one day."

Guerini's other fleet of equipment includes the following boom pumps and line pumps:

  • 20Z Boom Pump: Offers a compact design on its standard GMC chassis. Ideal for busy urban job sites and designed for versatility and performance, the Z-Fold boom features nearly 64 feet of vertical reach.
  • 28Z Boom Pump: The 28Z is the first four-section, 90-foot boom on the market. It features the only Multi-Z boom configuration in its class for unparalleled versatility and maneuverability.
  • 32Z Boom Pump: The 32Z-Meter truck-mounted concrete boom pump has a compact 18-foot footprint with no overhang. This versatile four-section Multi-Z boom design features a 105-foot vertical reach. It also has a low GVW for convenient road travel and compliance to the federal bridge formula weight restrictions.
  • 36Z Boom Pump: Designed to allow quick and easy setup on congested job sites as well as convenient road travel, the popular 36Z-Meter truck-mounted concrete boom pump is the only four-section 117-foot boom on the market today with X-style outriggers.
  • 42X Boom Pump: Designed to allow for quick and easy setup on the most restrictive and congested job sites, the Putzmeister 42X-Meter features a four-section roll-and-fold boom. This truck-mounted, concrete boom pump is the first and only unit in the 138-foot class to feature a compact, telescopic diagonal X-outrigger design.
  • VS 70 PTO Lime Pump: This vehicle-mounted Thom-Katt® Pump features a high-performance PTO drive. With a maximum volume output of 74 cubic yards per hour and maximum concrete pressure of 1,130 psi, this unit provides powerful performance and mobility.
  • TK 70 Line Pump: Ideal for structural concrete jobs, the TK 70 can pump a variety of materials. Like the other models in the standard Thom-Katt family, the TK 70 can also handle the harshest mixes and tackle a variety of applications.
  • P30 Line Pump: Putzmeister's P30 mechanical grout and concrete pumps are compact enough to pump patios, walkways, lightweight cellular concrete, grout, slurries and masonry block fill, yet rugged enough to handle foundations, footings, pour-in-place walls, and shotcrete for pools and drainage systems.