Putzmeister America's Worm Pump


Paving Equipment & Materials Production

Providing a highly versatile solution to a multitude of mortar, plaster, stucco, fireproofing material and grout needs, Putzmeister’s SP 11DMB worm pump is both durable and reliable. The multi-mixer rotor stator pump mixes, pumps and sprays site and ready-mix mortar mixes effortlessly. “The SP 11DMB caters to our customers’ medium-sized mortar and grout project needs,” says Dave Rudin, Putzmeister America’s National Sales Manager for Thom-Katts® and mortar machines. “Projects as large as an apartment complex or house is the ideal type of project for the SP 11DMB.” One of the most robust diesel-powered worm pump machines, the hydraulically-driven SP 11DMB has a feature customers won’t find anywhere else in the industry other than Putzmeister, according to Rudin. “The machine’s clamping jacket on its adjustable rubber stator tube increases the life of the stator tube. This is done by the clamping jacket squeezing down on the rubber stator tube,” notes Rudin. The SP 11DMB has a swivel discharge pump which swivels over the longitudinal axis of the mixing shaft. Once the material is mixed, pumping preparation is made easy; simply unlock the mixer, tilt and the material will flow right into the pumping hopper. For enhanced safety, the mixer paddles automatically stop rotating during this operation. “The 1,653 lb. pump features an impressive maximum output of 5-55 l/min with delivery pressures up to 363 psi,” comments Rudin. “The model’s maximum delivery distance is 394 ft. with a maximum delivery height of 197 ft.” The pump also features convenient adjustable speed mixer paddles. “The adjustable speed allows for no backsplash while the material is mixed by the machine,” says Rudin.

Once the SP 11DMB tasks are complete on a job, cleaning the swivel discharge mixer is a snap. Simply tilt the mixer in the opposite direction and it’s ready to clean. The SP 11DMB comes standard with a pressure gauge at discharge, spray nozzle, operating instructions and standard tools. A vehicle towing attachment is also included to facilitate transport from job to job. The affordable worm pump is equipped with long-life components, resulting in very low maintenance time and cost. According to Rudin, the SP 11DMB has proven its reliability consistently over the past 40 years in countless global applications. The worm pump is respected as one of the best in the industry.