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Pneumatic Tire Rollers

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Looking for a rubber-tire roller? Here are the latest products from all the major manufacturers.

Pneumatic-tire rollers may not be the most visible machine on the asphalt or soil compaction job site, but they are more versatile than one might think, and manufacturers continue to offer units with intriguing technology in areas such as ballasting, and tire pressure and temperature control.

Pneumatic-tire rollers can find utilization a number of ways on asphalt and soil.

Rubber-tire rollers can range from 5 to 30 tons in a variety sizes, weight categories, and tire sizes. They can be used to compact soils, hotmix, or other materials. They are adept at compacting asphalt around catch basins, water mains, or manhole covers.

The rubber tires knead material around and often provide better compaction than a steel drum roller.

Here’s a list of the best pneumatic rollers.