Pneumatic Portable Band Saw Is Atex Approved For Hazardous/Volatile Environments


Underground Construction

CS Unitec's AirBand™ portable, air-powered band saw is ATEX approved for hazardous environments and EX zones. Ideal for use in grain silos, oil and gas facilities, utilities and underground mining where hazardous atmospheres may be present. AirBand™ model 5 6003 0010 is engineered to quickly and cleanly cut a wide variety of metals up to 4-3/4" OD, including pipe, conduit, bolts, cable, angle iron, I-beams and structural steel.

CS Unitec Band Saws are easy to operate. The variable-speed motor, 120-220 SFPM, enables the operator to adapt the cutting speed to the material, maximizing both cutting performance and blade life. For example, the slow speed is ideal for stainless steel and hard metals. The vertical orientation of the motor provides a clear view of the cut and an adjustable tracking mechanism ensures proper blade alignment. It uses 20 CFM air volume at 90 PSI air pressure. The weight is only 14 lbs.

SuperBand Saw Blades from CS Unitec are designed to maximize the performance of the company's Band Saws. SuperBand Blades are made of tough M42 steel and will easily cut most ferrous and non-ferrous metals, from stainless steel and inconel to hastelloy and "super" alloys.

For complete technical data on these Band Saws and Saw Blades, please contact CS Unitec at 800- 700-5919 or by email at [email protected]. Or, visit the company's website at