New Roller Line Expands Case's Heavy Offerings


Sheepsfoot Rollers or Padfoot Rollers

Case 200 Series roller
Easy-access ergonomic controls include a single lever for forward and reverse. All controls are protected by a locking vandal-resistant cover.
Engines are mounted low between the rear-wheel motors (left) rather than in the conventional configuration (right) where the engine sits above the axle. The design provides lower center of gravity and greater stability.

Case has expanded its product line greatly this year, including this introductory series of single-drum vibratory rollers. Ranging in operating weight from 15,741 to 31,553 pounds, the 200 Series includes four models.

Touted for their gradeability, rollers have a weight balance of 60-40 between front and back; use planetaries instead of axles, lowering their center of gravity and improving stability; and have hydrostatic drive to the drum and wheels. High-traction, anti-slip control is standard on padfoot models and optional for smooth drum units.

Heavy-duty articulation and oscillation joint allows the roller to maneuver with 36-degree articulation and to compact uneven surfaces with 12-degree articulation. Rollers have maximum working speeds up to 3.72 mph, and with their large fuel tanks (69 to 108 gallons), they can operate up to 36 hours between refills.

As with the other models Case has unveiled this year, the rollers feature cab comfort and easy maintenance.

Operator platform is isolation mounted against noise and vibration. The muffler is tucked under the rear hood, providing less noise and heat from the rear of the machine. Operating platform is accessible from either side, and a suspension seat swivels left and right. Case's sloping rear hood gives the operator visibility. A single lever controls forward and reverse.

Case's exclusive power flip-up rear hood provides quick access to ground-level maintenance checks and the fuel filter, oil dipstick, oil fill, air filter and coolant reservoir. A flip-down step on the rear bumper provides easy access to the engine.

Basic Specifications
Model Operating Weight (lb./kg.) Drum Width (in.) Engine (hp) Max. Centrifugal Force (lb.)
SV208 15,741/7,140 66 100 32,597
SV210 19,445/8820 66 100 35,970
SV212 24,442/11,097 87 148 62,325
SV216 31,553/14,325 87 148 73,125