Neck Gaiters as Effective as Masks Versus Covid


Safety & Security

A person wearing a neck gaiter
Neck gaiters are as effective, and sometimes more effective, than cloth or surgical masks in preventing the spread of Covid-19 via aerosol particles.

A recent study from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) revealed that neck gaiters are as effective or in some cases even more effective than cloth or surgical masks in preventing transmission of aerosol particles that may spread Covid-19

This is good news for workers required to wear masks on the job to keep the work environment safe and production running.

“Many employers struggle with mask compliance due to comfort issues and fogging safety glasses, especially in hot environments," says Sarah Anderson, director of product management at Magid Glove, a Romeoville, Illinois PPE manufactuer. "Cooling neck gaiters worn as a face covering give you the best of both worlds as they help to prevent germ spread and can actually make workers more comfortable while keeping them safe.”

While informal experiments early in the pandemic caused some confusion as to the efficacy of neck gaiters to stop the spread of germs, the peer-reviewed CDC-NIOSH joint study demonstrates that single-ply gaiters are effective, and that simply doubling the fabric on a neck gaiter pushed it ahead of medical procedure masks and 3-ply cloth masks in effectiveness.

Recent advances in cooling fabric technology have produced gaiters, towels, and other garments that cool down as low as 30 degrees below body temperature in less than a minute when activated with water.

Magid Cool Powered by Mission neck gaiters are designed to keep workers cool and can be worn as a single, double, or even triple layer over the nose and mouth.

The CDC-NIOSH study is available in PDF form below.

Source: Magid Glove