McLaughlin ECO Series Vacuum Excavator


Vacuum Excavation

McLaughlin ECO Series Vacuum Excavator

The ECO Series truck-mounted vacuum excavators are powered by 49-, 85-, or 99-horsepower auxiliary engines. Spoil-tank capacities run from 500 to 1200 gallons, and they mount on both new and used truck chassis.

The 4-inch suction line paired with properly sized engines reduces fuel consumption, the company says.

ECO50 Series is designed for production potholing capabilities with a 1025-cfm, 15-inch mercury blower, and 5.6-gpm water pumps.

The ECO80 Series, with an 85-horsepower engine, is designed to power a sewer jetter option with 12-gpm water system and 500-foot hose reel or a hydraulically powered compact core saw attachment.

ECO100 Series, with a 99-horsepower engine, is designed as an air-water vacuum excavator package and runs a 1,200-cfm vacuum blower with the 5.6-gpm water pump.