Manitowoc Launches Welder Apprenticeship Program


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Welder wearing a welding mask, performing a weld indoors.

Manitowoc is launching an apprenticeship program to help certify welders in Pennsylvania. 

The new welder workforce development program begins next month, and will be held in conjunction with Lincoln Electric and Hagerstown Community College, and will include paths for structural welder and welder fabricator certifications. The program will help students meet training requirements to obtain a full-time welding position in Pennsylvania.

Manitowoc relies on skilled welders to manufacture its crawler cranes, so the program will develop workers in that area. The program should also help boost economic activity in Shady Grove, where the company has a significant manufacturing operation. 

“With the launch of the welder apprenticeship program, we hope to address one of the toughest challenges our industry faces: attracting skilled workers,” Barry Pennypacker, president and CEO, said in a press release. “We’re creating a career path for potential employees into our company, because having trained welders helps us produce durable and reliable cranes.” 

Source: Manitowoc