Manitowoc Grove GSK55


Construction Lifting & Concrete Placement

Manitowoc's Grove GSK55 all-terrain craneManitowoc’s Grove GSK55 combines a Grove GMK3055 all-terrain crane upper with a specially-designed chassis that acts as a trailer. Customers then use the truck tractor of their choice to transport the crane. The chassis has its own 139.5-horsepower Iveco engine that provides full power to the GSK55, operating all the crane’s functions, including the outriggers. With two axles on the tractor and three on the trailer, loadings do not exceed 10 tons on any single axle when the crane is traveling with a counterweight of 12.75 tons. Gross vehicle weight is under 46 tons. Lifting specifications for the crane match the GMK3055, so maximum capacity is 60.5 tons and it has a 142-foot main boom. An optional 28-foot-9-inch/49-foot-6-inch swing-away jib is available, allowing a maximum tip height of 198 feet.