Magni RTH 13.26 SH Telehandler



Glamour shot of Magni 13.26 telehandler.

Magni RTH 13.26 SH telehandler has a maximum lifting capacity of 28,600 pounds. Lift capacity is 17,600 pounds at maximum lift height of 86 feet. At maximum reach of 70 feet, it can lift 4,000 pounds. The telehandler rotates continuously in either direction and has full-time four-wheel drive.

Combi-Touch System (MCTS) uses a full-color, highly intuitive, 10-inch touch display panel interface that allows the operator to manage the entire machine by providing access to five different screens: Driving (including three steering modes), Stabilization, Load Chart (with LMI), Command, and Customization.

The telehandler has attachment-recognition RFID chips that tell the machine which attachment is loaded, enabling it to match the correct load chart for the attachment. MCTS also allows the operator to program in machine limits such as angle, length and rotation parameters, movements, and speed.

Screens change depending on the operation. If the operator starts to push out the stabilizers, the screen changes to Stabilizers. Then when the operator lifts the boom, it changes to Load Chart.

A radio remote allows the machine to be operated from outside of the cab and doubles as the work platform control.