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Liebherr LB 45 Drill Rig


Surface drills

Liebherr LB45 drill rig works on a project.

Liebherr LB 45 drilling rig, compared with its LB 36 predecessor, is designed to deliver higher torque, a wider range of applications, and added assistance systems for improved operator comfort and increased safety. The new rig has a torque rating of 331,903 lb.-ft., an increase of approximately 10 percent, compared with the LB 36. Both the counterweight and the leader are modularly constructed—features that enable quick assembly and flexible application, says Liebherr. 

The leader top is designed for different drilling axes and is suitable for all applications. Through the enhancement of the drilling axes by 19.7 inches, the LB 45 can be applied for drilling diameters up to a maximum of 10.9 feet. Maximum drilling depth for Kelly drilling with the five-fold Kelly bar has been increased to 328 feet. Winches, with a maximum pull force of 92,594 pounds, enable consistent performance in difficult conditions, says the company, and the elastic mounting dampens sound. The Ground Pressure Visualization system calculates the current ground pressure of the machine in real time and compares it with the specified safety limits of the relevant job site.