Paving Equipment & Materials Production

LiebherrAccording to the Liebherr Concrete Technology Co., its new Easymix 1.0 Batching Plant is designed for “minimum transport and assembly,” and the company describes the new plant by saying “the 40-foot ISO shipping container features a 1.3-cubic-yard ring pan mixer, four individual end-loader-charged aggregate bins, water pump, reservoir and batcher, control room and microprocessor control — all fully integrated and ready installed into the container.” The only parts that require separate transport, says Liebherr, are the weighing module for water and cement, the optional loading conveyor, and the cement-feeding components. According to Liebherr, Easymix 1.0 has a production capacity of 45 to 50 cubic yards per hour, and because the plant incorporates a steel foundation, no additional concrete foundations are necessary.