Leica's One-Button Electronic Digital Level


Construction Technology & Software

The Leica Sprinter series is a family of multifunctional leveling tools for users who rely on a compact and lightweight, easy-to-use, and error-free electronic level. Leica Sprinter 50 sets new standards in user friendliness and is easier to use than a conventional automatic level.

The perfect tool for daily tasks and basic work on the construction site, users simply aim, focus on the provided bar code staff, and measure by pressing a single button. The data (elevation and distance) is displayed digitally on a large LCD. Incorrect readings are eliminated and changes for transposition errors are greatly reduced. A built-in tilt sensor prevents the system from measuring outside the compensator range and an accuracy of 2.0 mm deviation per 1 km double run is obtained at the push of a button.

Leica Sprinter 150/150M and 250M: Advanced Opportunities

For more complex construction tasks, there is the enhanced Leica Sprinter 150/150M and 250M family. Sprinter 150 automatically determines delta height and a host of other functions to cover most applications, while the Leica Sprinter 150M and 250M with built in data storage, are the perfect tools for advanced construction leveling tasks. They can store up to 1,000 measurements, and the user can download and transfer these, for further calculations to a PC with Excel easily via USB.

Useful OnBoard Software and Multilingual Functionality

The Leica Sprinter OnBoard Software, with functionalities such as Delta Height, Line Leveling and Cut and Fill as well as monitoring, facilitates all leveling jobs significantly. The 0.7 mm accuracy of the 250M using a special staff and the monitoring program allow precise control and accurate measurements.

The Leica Sprinter 150/150M and 250M series have multiple languages onboard. This allows the user to choose the preferred language simply and with only one keystroke, for improved efficiency and convenience.