Kubota Integrates Security with Coded Keys


Crawler Dozers

Kubota’s eight-ton excavator, the KX080-3, comes standard with a programmable-key security system, similar to the Machine Security System Caterpillar offers as an option on its equipment.

An integrated-circuit chip embedded into the ignition key must be programmed to work with the computer onboard each Kubota KXO80-3 excavator. To set up new keys or make changes to the security system, owners simply insert the red programming key that cames with the excavator and follow step-by-step instructions on the machine’s intelligent control system to program up to four black operator keys. 

Using the red programming key to set up the security system on Kubota's KXO80 excavatorOnly keys that are programmed to work on that machine will start the engine. If someone tries to start the machine with an unregistered key, the security system will immobilize the machine’s fuel, hydraulic and electric systems. Inserting any registered key resets the system. 

“The KX080-3 is just as simple and easy to operate as a machine without an anti-theft system,” said Keith Rohrbacker, Kubota product manager. “There are no codes to memorize, no number pads: just insert a registered key and start working.” 

Kubota KXO80 excavator keys are embedded with a computer chip for securityIf a key is lost or stolen it’s easy for the contractor to use the red key to reprogram the remaining operator keys so that the missing key is no longer operable. Plus, if either the red programming key or any of the black operating keys are lost, they can be ordered from a Kubota distributor.
“Some equipment on the market has a numerical-pad anti-theft system, but the reality is operators have a hard time remembering the codes and often will tape a piece of paper with the code to the machine. Unfortunately, this is the first thing thieves look for,” explains Rohrbacker. “Kubota’s anti-theft system makes keeping your construction equipment safe an everyday routine.”