Knipex Pipe, Pneumatic Hose Cutters


Equipment Maintenance and Repair

A hose-cutting tool

Two pipe cutters are offered, one for plastic composite pipes (90 25 185) and one for multilayer and pneumatic hoses (90 10 185).

The pipe cutter for plastic composite pipe cuts both aluminum composite and plastic pipes .5-inch to 1-inch in diameter. The blade of the pipe cutter is designed to produce clean, smooth, and burr-free cut surfaces.

The cutter for multilayer and pneumatic hoses is for all liquid, multilayer, and pneumatic hoses 3/16-inch to .25-inch in diameter. A wide hose support base keeps the hose at a right angle in relation to the blade for clean and even cuts. Both pipe cutters are 7.25 inches in length and feature an opening spring and locking device for repetitive cutting, as well as handles made from fiberglass-reinforced plastic. The blades are easily replaceable and made from high-strength special grade steel that is oil-hardened and tempered.