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Jomac STC-85/HFC-4500 Cranes


Articulating Boom Aerial Platform, Truck & Trailer Mounted

Jomac STC-85/HFC-4500 Cranes

A model size has been added to Jomac’s telescopic and articulating crane product lines. In a family of seven base STC telescopic models ranging in lift capacity from 6,000 to 14,000 pounds, the STC-85 has a lift capacity of 8,500 pounds. On the five-model size articulating side, the HFC-4500—rated at about 45,000 ft.-lb. in capacity—fills a gap between the HFC-3000 and HFC-6500 series. Updates to the U.S.-made Jomac crane lines include true 360-degree rotation and a hydraulic-activated anti-two block system.

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