John Deere “Precision Construction” Expands Tech Offering


John Deere Precision Construction

John Deere Precision Construction is a suite of “smart” technology that builds upon its existing WorkSight portfolio as well as its dealer network.

The new tools help customers focus on “maximizing uptime and delivering increased productivity,” according to the company.

“Since the beginning, delivering innovative solutions to our customers has been a core focus for John Deere, and the Precision Construction portfolio is taking that commitment to the next level,” said Andrew Kahler, manager, technology solutions, in a prepared statement. “In recent years, we’ve unveiled an array of technology solutions that directly address our customers’ concerns on the job site. Now, we’re building on that foundation, pushing down on the gas pedal, and moving the industry toward the next generation of smart machine solutions.”

Precision Construction restructures the existing technology portfolio into four focused pillars: Connected Support, Grade Management, Payload Weighing, JDLink Telematics, and a yet-to-be-released Obstacle Intelligence Solution.

Connected Support ties fleets into Deere’s centralized machine monitoring center as well as its dealer network. When a machine issues an alert, it is transmitted to the corporate center as well as the dealership. A dealer support person will analyze, communicate with the fleet, and provide the support necessary to put the machine back to work. This could be as simple as an over-the-air update, or it could be dispatching a tech and parts to repair the machine. Connected Support also puts the combined database of machine data provided by all Deere machines across the globe to work to predict or identify potential problems that the dealer can help the fleet solve proactively.

The Obstacle Intelligence Solution is not currently available, but Deere plans to offer it on select wheel loaders in the future. The system uses cameras, radar, and machine learning to provide obstacle detection around a machine.

Source: John Deere